Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hello chubs,
So this is new "thing" that I'm trying to do, which is post every single day, because at times I'm busy or plain lazy, which I know I don't have to tell you cause most relate to anyways.
Moving on, today's review is on the one thing I swear by that changed my foundation game forever, I always suffered with acne as a teenager though it has cleared up now, the thought of having acne still haunts me, my point is I still have a few acne scars and blemishes to tackle and trust me when I say this it can take forever to fade.

I have tons of brushes and applicators, but a beautyBlender is the only thing you need when you're blending the base, in my opinion, it almost looks like second skin and you can forget foundation lines that take forever to blend with duo fibre and even buffing brushes.
The beauty blender blends like a dream, and since it has to be dampened under a running faucet before use, it doesn't soak as much product as a brush, hence giving you more coverage and a flawless finish.

The nude beauty Blender is a fairly new purchase, I have the basic pink version and didn't really use it for pictures as it looks nasty because of regular usage, keep in mind that you have to toss these babies after every 6 to 8 months tentatively because it is a sponge and they do soak up bacteria from storage and our skin.
The thing about the nude blender is it gives a lighter coverage, and keeps the complexion looking more natural and a plus is, it doesn't get grimey quickly.
I wash my blenders after every use, just for hygienic purposes.
The blender cleanser is a waste of money and smells bad, you can thank me later.
The only thing you require to wash a beauty blender is an anti bacterial soap after every use and olive oil once in a while for the blender to remain in good shape and get rid of stains.
Every beauty addict I know says they can't find 1 original beauty blender seller in Mumbai and it is sad but true, I import my beauty blender but how could I forget my beauty junkies who don't wish to splurge on the customs.
So here, I have a waaaaaaay cheaper option for you guys.
Which brings me to PAC BEAUTY BLENDER, say no more *shock*

Basically the day I discovered the PAC beauty blender I didn't really expect a lot from it, but I had to try it. Take my word, it doesn't disappoint.
There is a huge difference in the price point as well.
While you'll probably shell out 2 grands for the original beauty blender plus customs, you get the PAC blender for a fraction of the price, and it is easily available on Amazon India.
The quality of the PAC blender is not as on point as the original one, the softness differs, the amount of water it hold differ as well, but the results are highly identical.
The only people who going to make a huge rant out of small differences will be people like me overthinking psychotic beauty enthusiasts like myself, yeah right. 
I'm giving the PAC blender a 5 star recommendation.
The original beauty Blender is always been a favourite, if you can get your hands on it, please try it, but if you can't the PAC blenders work just as good.

I hope this helps you guys, I'd love to read suggestions, recommendations or even silly conversation in the comment section below, you can even contact me through email.


hope you enjoyed reading!!

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