Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Colorbar Feel The Rain Matte Lipstick Review SUMMER 2017 LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION

Hello my loves!
There's something about beautiful packaging that always lures us into buying new makeup, or so we say as an excuse to buy new makeup every single time we go on a retail therapy trip!
So like I've said before colorbar has up its packaging and product game, every time they launch something new, they leave a lot of us surprised. 
This time was no different, they launched a limited edition summer 2017 collection "Feel The Rain"
And I must say this "Woah", firstly good work on the look of these matte lipsticks, and then my oh my, are these lipsticks amazing or what? To know more continue reading!

I don't want to be biased in any way about these lipsticks because of how they look :p I wanted to get that out of the way haha, so coming to the review, the lipstick itself is a beautiful shade, the one I have is Damp 06, and I love the shade, it is a muted dusty rose shade.
The texture is comfortable matte which is slightly moisturising, that a lot of lipsticks have these days, and tbh I'm a matte lipstick kinda person, not even exaggerating I think glossy lips were not my thing ever since I started using makeup, not to mention how irritated I get when my hair gets stuck all over my face if I ever do wear a gloss, ugh! 
Kinda lost track there again, coming back to the colorbar feel the rain matte lipstick, now the shade looks a tad bit brighter in the images than it does in real life. It is not a complete matte, it could use a blot if you tend to get carried away while applying your lip and apply a bit too much, because then there will be a visible sheen. I always blot, just to be sure.

Little fact : Those rain droplets design strategy was first used by MAC cosmetics for their for their alluring aquatic line of products.
The staying power of this lipstick is decent, it will stay put for a soild 3-4 hours. But these lipsticks aren't transfer proof and they have a tendency of kissing the cups and giving a nasty feel if you end up eating anything oils, also the bits of cookies won't leave your lips, so if you plan to eat or sip do it mindfully because these lippies need maintainence. 
About Fading : These lipsticks fade evenly and leave a slight tint of colour which we all love. 

The swatches above show a close justification of the colour 
Right one swipe
Left Two swipes
It is pretty buildable, and gives an opaque coverage, but like any other lipstick, feels a tad bit heavy on the lips if applied too generously.

Price point is not too bad at all if you ask me, the packaging is pretty luxurious and so is the lipstick. It is justified and acceptable.

I'd say the companies claims of this lipstick being a perfect matte is a perfect lie OW!
But none the less, I'd recommend it, for everyday wear and also for little suckers of beautiful packaging like myself haha!
 For any further question comment below, I answer all questions with a lot of love, I swear lol.

Little spoilers for the next post : Daimond Sponge (say no more) :p

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