Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Hey munchkins, 
As much as I love doing skincare reviews, it is downright scary to try new products every now and then. That also brings me to the fact that I do skincare reviews only on products that I genuinely wish to try and are particularly safe for me and my munchkins.
Moving on! The Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Gel is a mild aloe based gel with minimal components like cucumber and pure rose water.
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The light hydrating facial gel, just as the name suggests is very light and absorbs in a jiffy, it does hydrate for a fresh feel but nothing noticeable, if you're looking for anything that is moisturising, this is a no go because it does nothing in that aspect. The fragrance is heavenly and it lingers around for a short while. Forest Essentials products are considerably expensive, but you can always trust the product quality. The Gel can be used if you have normal skin and you need a pick me up refresher, say, like a rose water mist. But if you have very oily skin, this probably can double up as your moisturiser.

The product itself has a very luxurious feel and the packaging is oh so cute!
I recommend using a clean spatula to scoop the product in order to avoid contamination.


INR 1350

I don't mind shelling out for the quality they offer, but if you are tight on budget a lot of other brands have similar products. But if you are looking for quality then definitely try it out and don't forget to check out The Forest Essentials loyalty programme. They offer good points on purchases. Lately I've been using a ton of products from the brand, you can expect reviews of night creams, lip scrubs and some mighty products this week.

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